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What Tape is Safe to Use on Walls?

December 18, 2018 0 Comments tape-info
Whether you’re putting up temporary decorations, hanging pictures for the long-term, or adding a fresh coat of paint to walls, finding the right tape will help you complete your task successfully, while not destroy the walls. Below are a few suggestions to keep your walls in good shape.   Using the Right Tape on Your Walls If you’re trying to hang a temporary banner or party decoration, painter’s tape is a good option, as it’s designed to release easily from painted surfaces. This tape is available in a variety of colors and can even be part of your decorations. If your goal is to leave the item up long term, consider poster tape. Poster tape is a double-sided tape designed to hold lightweight items flat against the wall. Before you put up the tape over paint, be sure to clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Let the wall dry completely before applying your tape. Be aware that any long-term application of tape may leave residue on the wall. If the paint or wallpaper wasn’t properly applied, it may come loose when you try to remove the tape. For best results, consider getting a lightweight frame for the poster and hanging it with a temporary mounting hook. To remove, be sure to pull the release tab straight down as opposed to toward you. Pulling straight down breaks the adhesive bond. Pulling towards you breaks the paint seal.   Tape Combinations Another option is to apply painter’s tape to the wall, then place tape on the artwork in a pattern that will adhere to the painter’s tape and not to your paint. This is a temporary method of application and should not be used on fine art as the tape adhesive may damage the art. If you’re looking to hang something long term with tape, the combination of painter’s tape applied with drafting tape is worth considering. Drafting tape offers low tack and is easy to peel off. This method may work well for lightweight pieces.   Removal Methods Matter It’s important to remember that putting tape on the wall is a temporary fix. The glue bonds in tape will become stronger over time, so even painter’s tape will eventually leave a residue. However, when removing tape from a wall, be sure to pull the tape back against itself (folding it at 180 degrees) rather than just pulling it back at 90 degrees. This way, the tape takes the strain, rather than the surface of the wall.   The Best Tape For Custom Paint Masking There are several custom tapes to make putting together a custom paint job easier. Whether you want bold stripes or a subtle difference between paint sheens, investing in the right masking tape for the job is critical. Once you’ve applied your masking tape in the pattern you want, be sure to burnish the tape to the surface by pressing it firmly to force out air. If air can get in under the edge of the tape, paint will as well. At SPECTAPE®,  we carry thousands of items, from the most basic packing and box-sealing tapes to stretch films, vinyl tapes, and specialty tapes for the most challenging and manufacturing applications. Contact us today and we can help you determine what type of tape will work best for your project.

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