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March 17, 2020 0 Comments uncategorized

To address the numerous inquiries that Insul-Fab, Division of Concote Corporation is receiving regarding the status of our capability to supply products to our customers, we have established this informational news page.  Please check back as needed for updates until the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak are no longer a concern.

3/23/20 – On Sunday, 3/22, Dallas County issued a “Stay Home Stay Safe” order restricting the activity of citizens in an effort to further contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Concote Corporation’s headquarters are in Coppell, which is within the Dallas County limits.  Many of our employees at that facility also reside in Dallas County.  We take this order very seriously and will follow its guidance regarding essential business activity and DCHHS distancing and hygiene recommendations. 

Concote Corporation has been contacted and identified by many of its customers as an essential business making products to support the Defense Industrial Base, Healthcare, Transportation, Energy, and First Responders infrastructure of our country.  We will remain open and endeavor to supply our customers to support this request.  Employees that are healthy, willing, and able to participate in normal work activities are asked to do so, where work-from-home practices aren’t feasible. 

Likewise, companies that supply us with materials and services to make and deliver these products are also deemed essential by the guidelines provided by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense.  We are maintaining contact with all major suppliers and providing them with justification of our essential business status, to further the importance of maintaining the supply chain under proper conditions.  Many of them are responding that they already identify under this status as well, and plan to maintain uninterrupted supply to the best of their ability.  We are not currently aware of any significant supply interruptions.

As always, any delay to our customers’ orders will be conveyed to them on a case-by-case basis.  We thank them for working patiently with us during this dynamic situation. 

Concote Corporation also operates Insul-Fab production locations in Tyler, TX and Monterey, Mexico that are not impacted by the new order in Dallas County.

3/20/20 – As impacts of the coronavirus COVID-19 continue to develop, we remain committed to our customers, employees, suppliers, and representatives to provide you with the latest news of our supply chain status.  To date, our operations in Texas and Mexico have still had minimal business impact and we are a meeting a high level of product demand.

Supply of materials from our suppliers remains steady and few are reporting any anticipated delays in conjunction with their assurances that detailed measures are being taken within their own organization to avoid contamination of their workforce and facilities.  Overnight, news of California, Pennsylvania, and New York directing the immediate closure of all “non-essential” businesses changed the domestic supply situation.   Others could potentially follow this measure.  We are contacting vendors in those states for specific updates on their operations and any outstanding orders we may have.  Where these have implications affecting our customer orders, this will be communicated on a case-by-case basis as soon as possible.

Within our own operations, we continue preventive hygiene practices, regular disinfection of common touch-surfaces, distancing of employees through physical and shift adjustments, and providing work-from-home and virtual meeting services where applicable.  Non-essential visitors are prohibited, and essential non-employee visitors are required to execute proper hygiene practices upon arrival.  The safety and health of our employees and their families is paramount, and we remain thankful that thus far, none have been infected by the virus.

3/16/2020 – As of this date, we are not currently experiencing any delays of inbound materials that would prevent the manufacture of existing customer orders as a result of COVID-19.  Concote Corporation is currently operating with full capacity, with all employees reporting to work and all equipment operating.  Our supply chain has not been significantly impacted, but we are continually checking with our largest suppliers routinely and asking for them to provide us with forewarning of such delays, if possible. Order status and delays for any reason will be communicated on a per customer or per order basis, the same as during normal operations. It is, however, incumbent upon all of our valued customers to honor standard lead times that have been agreed to, as expedited and unplanned requirements for product may not be able to be met, as they have often been in the past.

Internally, the management team at Concote Corporation is providing our employees with supplies to keep personal work and common areas clean to mitigate the transmission of viruses for their safety.  Employee travel is restricted and onsite visitors have been reduced.  Employee presence is encouraged at our facilities unless they present symptoms of illness or have been in contact with anyone known to carry the coronavirus.  Thankfully, no Concote employees or their immeidate family members have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  As needed, employees with children needing attention at home during school closures will be allowed flexibility of work-remote status or PTO to accomodate the current circumstances.  We currently have a staff adequate to support all orders in time to meet the delivery dates confirmed to our customers.  


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