Polyester Film

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Polyester Film

9190 is a 1 mil polyester film tape with a high performance silicone pressure sensitive adhesive system. Designed for use in masking applications for electronic component and printed circuit board production. Polyester film backing protects against damage from rough surfaces, fumes, and chemicals. Will not break or tear during removal. Flexible backing provides no-leak seals. High performance adhesive resists degradation from chemicals and fumes and provides a no residue removal.

PropertiesValueUnits / Notes
BackingPolyester Film1.0 mils / 0.03 mm
Total Thickness3.0 mils0.08 mm
Adhesive SystemSilicone
Adhesion to Steel25.0 oz/in width6.8n/25.4 mm
Tensile23.0 lbs. / in width101.0n/ 25.4 mm
% Elongation100%100%

Polyester Film

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PDS.Masking Tapes.5-12

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