Carton-Sealing Brown Packaging Tape

Carton Sealing or Packaging tapes are called by many different names – box tape, carton sealing tape, clear tape, poly tape or brown packaging tapes.

Carton sealing tapes are typically 55 yard or 110 yard rolls. Machine length rolls can range from 1000-2000 yards in length and the width may be 2 or 3 inch. However, there are no “one size fits all” solutions.

The first consideration should always be the bonding surface, since there are a wide variety of possibilities as to what adhesive works best: hot melt, acrylic, rubber or even water-activated.
Of course, there are other considerations such as aesthetics. Colors, surface textures, applicability and even printing may be important to make that professional impression for your customers.

Cost is an important consideration, Sometimes the most economical tape isn’t necessarily the best solution if the carton requires double, or even triple layers of tape to be applied.

So, consult with one of our tape experts to make sure you have the right product at the right price.

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Common Stock Packaging Tapes
Part NumDescriptionAdhesive (oz./in. width)Tensile (lbs./in. width)Thickness (MILS)Elongation %0
ST450-1APolypropylene film, acrylic adhesive, general purpose 18 20 1.6 150
ST450-1Polypropylene film, hot melt adhesive, general purpose 43 21 1.6 150
ST450-2APolypropylene film, acrylic adhesive, medium grade 22 24 2 150
ST450-2Polypropylene film, hot melt adhesive, medium grade 44 27 1.9 150
ST450-4Polypropylene film, hot melt adhesive, premium grade 54 33 2.5 150
ST-STOPPolypropylene film, acrylic adhesive, printed tape 24 26 2.4 150
VF719PVC film, rubber adhesive, high tack heavy duty tape 13 23 1.9 60
ST-32Kraft flatback paper rubber adhesive, general purpose50 40 7.2 7
ST-34Kraft flatback paper rubber adhesive, medium grade 70 40 6.5 3
ST-36Kraft flatback paper rubber adhesive, premium grade 60 45 7.2 7
ST-123Industrial grade fiberglass reinforced strapping premium grade 70 100 4.5 3.7
35Light duty water activated tape
60Medium duty water activated tape
NA3Heavy Duty water activated reinforced Kraft paper tape
To request a quote, sample, data sheet or to place an order please:
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 We look forward to serving you!