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Single-Coated & Double-Coated Foam Tapes

combines the benefits of foam open and closed cell foam

Foam tape combines the benefits of foam open and closed cell foam, which flexibly fills the space between two surfaces, with a double-sided adhesive for adhesion of the foam to the bonding surface.  

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Foam Tapes

Advantages of Foam Tapes

Cushioning and Vibration Damping

Foam Tapes offer the benefit of cushioning by creating a soft layer. This is often referred to as "vibration damping," and is commonly seen as a means to avoid vibration, squeak, and rattle noise, and secure closing of mechanical equipment. Door and cabinet closures are a good example of this, where sheet metal or plastics would not close completely without a soft surface between the surfaces.

Weather-Proofing and Insulating

Foam tapes are excellent for preventing moisture or extreme temperatures from affecting an enclosure or piece of equipment. While foam substrates vary considerably, they can be selected based upon their resistance to oil, water, temperature, humidity, UV radiation, and many other environmental conditions.


Foam Tapes are excellent sound barriers, and can mitigate both high and low frequencies, based upon their composition. In today's appliances and equipment, a premium is often place on quiet performance. 

Slip Resistance, Gasketing and Bonding

Other benefits of single-sided and double-sided foam tapes include slip resistance, gasketing, and bonding, where foam tapes may be used for mounting. The uses for foam tapes are many, and there is almost always a foam tape that can solve bonding problems.


Variety in Configuration

With foam tapes, there are endless possibilities with different grades, thicknesses, widths, softness, color, and densities of foam. SPECTAPE®, a leading supplier of polyethylene foam tapes, offers a wide array of foam tapes for almost any application. Once a foam is selected, it is important to have an adhesive expert assist the customer with an adhesive that will bond well with both the foam itself, and the bonding surface. Trust the experts at SPECTAPE® to find an off-the-shelf foam tape for your application or configure a custom foam tape to best fit your specific needs.

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