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General Purpose Masking Tapes

Product Data Sheet

General Purpose Masking Tapes

SpecTape’s series of masking tapes are constructed of a crepe paper backing coated with a high tack, rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. These products feature high adhesion and good quick stick characteristics, as well as excellent conform-ability to irregular surfaces. Each tape is also moisture, solvent and creep resistant.
Typical applications include bundling, splicing, painting, masking of metals or plastics, and general industrial uses.

Properties CP106
ST 9
Units/ Notes
Tensile Strength 18 20 21 20  lbs / in width
Elongation 9 8 8 10  %
Thickness 4.8  5.5 5.9  5.8 mils
Adhesion 40 48 39 30  oz / in width
Operating Temperature 60 – 150 50 – 150 50 – 200 50 – 200 °F

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PDS. Masking Tapes.5-12

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