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Commercial Uses of Surface Protection Tape

Any item that could find itself falling vulnerable to damage when being assembled, shipped or stored is something that should have surface protection tape applied to it. The simple reason for using this particular specialty tape is that without this protective film that avoids residue that’s left behind, scratches or worse can mar the item and render it either damaged goods or a candidate for the trash.

Those sorts of mistakes can deliver a devastating impact on a company’s bottom line. In taking such matters into consideration, listed below are some particular businesses that can benefit from using this type of tape:

Carpet and Flooring

Spectape of Texas is a company that knows all about such dangers and works with its customers to make sure they’re fully protected in this area. Some of those industries include those in the carpet and flooring sector, which can use this to protect the product from dirt that becomes ingrained in the carpet. Flooring can easily find itself getting nicked without this surface protection tape.

Building and Construction

Yet so many other industries can benefit from its use, including building and construction businesses. In these cases, a remodeling job can leave behind quite a mess, with the residue from whatever tape adhesive was used in place of Spectape of Texas often impossible to remove.

Countertop Installation

Specialty tape of this nature can also be invaluable to those whose job it is to install countertops or have to deal with potentially expensive items like marble or high-end tile. One mistake here could conceivably deliver a jolt to the reputation of a business, a scenario that can be avoided by using this particular tape.


Those whose job it is to either produce or deliver appliances are often dealing with items made with stainless steel or of glass. Both situations have a certain level of risk attached, while the production process involves the application of aspects like handles or nameplates. A slowdown in that area or the messy residue that might remain from using a subpar tape does no one any good.

Furniture and Cabinet Makers

Ensuring a quality product in this competitive marketplace involves taking the necessary precautions. Furniture will inevitably get dirty at some point, but that expectation can be averted by coverage that’s snug, thanks to this type of tape. Cabinets also can easily get nicked or damaged in some other fashion without that same focus on coverage that works in tandem with this tape.

Glass-Based Items

The installation of glass in a home or building is an everyday occurrence, with careful attention rightfully geared toward a smooth process. The sensitive nature of glass is such that a mere scratch can ruin a product. That in itself offers a clear reason why an awareness of the value of this sort of protection tape makes so much sense.

Other Industries

Those in the automobile, metal or plastics industry can also take the wise approach in making this sort of investment. Of course, limiting the remaining list of possible businesses that might benefit would be a disservice to this tape.

Spectape of Texas offers surface protection tape that works as intended, which is why our loyal customers put their faith when it comes to specialty tape or a host of other types of protection tapes. They know that their order will be processed at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. Contact us today either online or by phone toll-free at 800-442-1338 or locally at 214-956-0077.

Best Types of Tape for Packing Boxes

The task of packing material into boxes is something that takes place during the course of an average business day and within homes across the globe. While some aspects of packing don’t necessarily need carton sealing tape containing filament. Another reason for its value is that it protects against severe temperature contrasts, which can be important during moves on hot or cold days or extended storage periods.

The different types available here address the variable weights of what’s inside a box. Regardless of what’s chosen, one of the chief reasons this type of tape is able to sustain itself under heavier weights is because of the presence of fiberglass within the tape itself.

Kraft Tape

Since the number of boxes that are being packed at one time can sometimes offer a dizzying range of items located in each box, better organization can be achieved through the use of craft tape. That’s due to the different colors that are available, which can help make to delivery of boxes during a move much easier and avoid mistakes because of uncertainty as to where it should be placed.

As far as using it for a regular business, that value may diminish considerably because of the likelihood that a similar product is being packaged within each box. That reduces the need for such steps, no matter if it involves packaging tape or carton sealing tape.

The Value of Using Spectape

Spectape has a wide range of tapes that can be used for any number of purposes. Competitively-priced to meet the needs of its customers, our products work as a viable carton sealing tape. Searching for the right packaging tape doesn’t have to be a challenge, so contact Spectape today to ensure that you make the right choice.

Just contact us by phone either at the toll-free number of 800-442-1338 or in our Dallas/Fort Worth office at 214-956-0077. You can also fill out the online form on our website to get the process started. We look forward to hearing from you.

Commercial Uses For Surface Tape

Surface protective tape offers scratch resistant protection for a wide variety of surfaces. Durable and transparent, it shields the surface from damage such as scratches and abrasions while creating a barrier from moisture. In addition to superior protection, the tape removes easily with no residue.

Every business stands to benefit from Surface Protection Tape. Its versatility makes it a workplace essential. Within the office consider using our tape to prolong the life of technology. Think computer monitors, tablets, phones [both the caller ID monitor on a landline and the screen for a smart phone], and the point of sale devices by the cash registers and/or the administrative assistant’s desk. Today’s modern workplace cannot function without technology. Keep it safe and functioning properly by reducing the risk of surface damages.

Sometimes our place of business requires a facelift. Whether it’s a full-fledged construction project or some relatively minor renovations, our tape ensures the cleanest possible environment, keeping the unsightly mess to a minimum. Most importantly, it grants peace of mind to the company, with the guarantee of superior protection. Hauling in equipment, potentially corrosive liquids that can stain, leaving floors and carpets free of pesky dust and debris– we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, hard surfaces reap the benefits of our tape. Mirrors, ceramic tile, granite, and glass remain unblemished during the renovation process. For exterior projects, rest assured that garage doors, windows, metals, and frames maintain their aesthetic properties. Even rain and cold temperatures are no match for such exceptional protection.

Two larger fields benefiting from such protective tape include the automotive and aerospace industries. Automobiles make use of the tape’s durability during assembly and the subsequent delivery to a dealer’s showroom floor. New cars keep that fresh, new look that much longer, securing vulnerable areas such as mirrors, side panels, and the hood. When it comes to repairs and detailing, exterior surfaces stay safe. Paint will not bleed through and crisp, clean lines can be achieved with the utmost precision. The vehicle’s interior remains pristine. Muddy footprints from potential customers and test drivers can be wiped away with ease. No smudges on the rearview mirror, either.

Commercial airliners and smaller, private aircraft rely heavily on the protection surface tape assures. Much like with automobiles, painting, detailing, carpets, and windshields remain protected. The plane’s air conditioning system utilizes the tape’s barrier properties for repairs.


Our tape comes in a wide variety of sizes to best accommodate your objectives. Expect an easy, fuss-free application from a transparent and durable material. Protect a wide variety of surfaces from either construction or daily wear and tear.

Whatever your surface protection tape needs, SpecTape offers a full product line to fulfill every desire. Contact us by phone at 214.956.0077 or visit our website at www.spectape-tx.com. We will work extensively with you to determine the best products for your endeavor. It is our pleasure to share our expertise and give you the prompt, courteous, and reliable service you deserve.

Choosing the Right Carton Sealing Tapes



One of the most important parts of any manufacturing job is shipping. The parcel’s contents must be properly packed if it is to arrive at its destination in the same condition it left the plant. This also means that it must be in sturdy packaging that is securely sealed. There is nothing worse than a box arriving at its destination torn open with the contents sticking out.

In addition to sturdy boxes, it is important that the right tape be used. The three points that are important in choosing a tape are adhesion, strength and ease of use. Today’s production company has a choice, so it is not difficult to pick the type that works best with the type of container used.

When choosing a packing tape the questions to be asked are: Is it adhesive? Is it strong? Is it easy to use? If the tape chosen passes all these questions then you can be sure your package will arrive at its destination in the same shape as it left the manufacturing plant.


Poly-Tapes are the most commonly used tape in the industry for sealing cardboard boxes. They come in 6, 8 and 12 in. rolls and are either applied by hand or with an automatic box-sealing machine. The most common widths used for sealing cardboard boxes are 2 to 3 inches wide.

It is the fiberglass strands in poly-tapes that secure cardboard boxes from suffering damage when roughly handed and the grade of the tape that determines the weight it will hold. This ranges from general purpose of 100 pounds up to heavier required hold situations of 380 pounds. Another important point is that this tape will hold up in extreme changes in temperature and humidity.

Poly-tapes also offer the opportunity for the manufacturer to use different types of printing on the tape to advertise their company. This can be a one-color design or a combination of colors. In either case, it is an excellent way of advertising that is spread as the package speeds across the country.

Kraft Paper Tapes

Kraft Paper Tapes are gummed on one side and are constructed of re-cycled paper. Built for heavy shipping, it is reinforced with fiberglass threads which add both strength and an extra texture appearance. It is also available in crisscrossed filament reinforcement if extra strength is needed. This tape is available in both brown and white colors with brown being the most commonly used.

The advantage of Kraft Paper Tape is that only one layer is required to sufficiently seal the container. A box sealed with this tape can be stored in extreme heat or cold and/or humidity. Like Poly-Tapes, Kraft Paper Tape is an excellent location to put advertising for a company.

Water Activated or Gummed Tapes

Water activated or gummed tapes make a secure bond on corrugated cartons and are not affected by extreme cold or extreme hot temperatures. As with Kraft Paper Tapes, it is available with embedded fiberglass and water is required to activate its adhesion to a package.

Manufacturers state that this type of tape “aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments”. Suggestions for use include Economy (1-20 lbs.), Medium (1-25 lbs.), Heavy Duty (1-50 lbs.) and Extra Heavy (1-75 lbs.).

The main disadvantage of this type of tape is that it requires water to activate the adhesive required for bonding. Most large manufacturers have some type of automatic machine that performs this step in the sealing operation.


The purpose of good sealing tapes in the manufacturing process is to be sure a package arrives at its destination in the same condition as it left the manufacturing plant. This can be accomplished when a tape is selected that has a proven record in this area.

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