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Stretch Films and Packaging Items
Stretch Films and Packaging Items

Packaging & Shipping Materials Supplier

one-stop shop for Stretch Film and Packing Items

While tape is our specialty, we carry a wide range of packaging supplies to help with our customer’s everyday needs.

Whether it is stretch film, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, foam packaging, or hand-held tape dispensers, SPECTAPE® stocks the shipping supplies that you need to package your product.

Give SPECTAPE® a call today and let us be your one-stop shop for Stretch Wrap and Packing Items!

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Packaging Products

stretch film

Spectape has a large inventory of shipping supplies such as stretch wrap and stretch film. These are highly stretchable, plastic films that are most frequently wrapped around pallets or other bundles of stacked containers. The elastic recovery keeps the load tightly bound and secure for being transported.

There are several different types of stretch wrap, and finding the right one will depend on load size and type, performance requirements, and aesthetics. 

SPECTAPE®, a leading packaging materials supplier, carries a variety of hand-wrap and machine-wrap films. These films are available in multiple gauges and widths to efficiently wrap pallets, stacks, and containers. We also carry several common shrink-wrap films, including centerfold, printed, or plain, also available in multiple gauges and widths.

Hand Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film is specifically designed to be applied manually. It is also referred to as hand film, hand stretch wrap, hand wrap, or manual pallet wrap. It is typically utilized in lower-capacity packaging operations. Nonetheless, the efficiency of manual stretch wrap packaging should be regularly re-evaluated against the potential benefits of upgrading to a machine wrapper.

Specialty Stretch Film

Finally, there are many specialty stretch films, such as hybrid films, which blend some of the characteristics above to provide a balanced set of characteristics at an economical price.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film is designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine. It provides many advantages over hand film including faster and more efficient packaging, reduced packaging material costs, safer application, and more consistently secured loads. 

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Stretch Film FAQ'S: 

Important Things to Know to select the right product

What are the dimensions and standard weights of your pallet loads?

  • This is one of the most important pieces of information in selecting a stretch film.  In some instances, testing of “force-to-load” may need to be performed (or may have already been completed) to verify the performance where load integrity is critical.

What “Type” of load are you Wrapping? The type of load is an important factor in selecting a stretch film. We classify the “types” of loads as follows:

  • “A” Load – Uniform boxes with nothing sticking out, low demand load distribution
  • “B” Load – Non-uniform boxes with some irregular containers sticking out, medium demand of weight distribution
  • “C” Load – Hodgepodge of irregular shapes (ie. furtniture or kits), highly demanding load

Does film need to be pre-stretched? 

  • Some films need to be pre-stretched so that overstretching doesn’t prevent inconsistent application.  If this is the case, it may also be important to identify what percentage of stretch is required, since that can also vary and affect performance.

Any Special Requirements?  Special requirements usually means that additives will be needed in the extruding process.

  • Color – Some customers like non-clear colors to differentiate product, identify tampering (eg. re-wrapping by freight company or user), or branding
  • Environmental – UV Inhibitors can be added where outside storage may affect film’s performance, cold storage or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) to prevent metal from rusting

Are you getting what you paid for? 

  • Often, we find that customers have been “down-gauged” by a new sales person to reduce cost.  Sometimes, roll lengths have been shortened.  These are clever tricks to get a customer the price reduction they are looking for, but they jeopardize your product.  Let Spectape conduct a quick, onsite weight test to verify you are getting the gauge that you specified

SPECTAPE®’s line of standard stretch films comes in a variety of gauges (thicknesses) based upon your specific performance and costs requirements.

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Packing and Filling Materials 

Packing and filling materials are a must to prevent physical harm or damage to products during shipping. During transport, packages are subject to dropping, rough handling, and movement from delivery vehicles or loading. There is a wide variety of packing and filling materials to place inside of a package to secure the product. They include air pillows, bubble wrap, custom foam inserts, foam wrap, and kraft paper.

SPECTAPE®'s most commonly ordered items include Bubble Wrap, Packaging Foam, and Kraft Paper.

bubble wrap

One of the most efficient and effective packing supplies is bubble wrap, as it is versatile enough to fill most spaces in a package and provides air-cushioned protection. Bubble Wrap comes in 3/16" to ½” thick, both non-perforated and perforated for easy tear and insertion. It is available in a variety of widths.

Packaging foam

Packaging foam is also an excellent choice for packing and filling boxes. Packing foam is typically white, polyethylene foam that comes on a roll for easy cutting and dispensing.  Packaging Foam is available in multiple thicknesses, both perforated and non-perforated, and also in a variety of widths.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper is an economical choice for filling and is easy to bundle and place into a package, particularly where just a top-end filling is required. Kraft Paper comes in several thicknesses, densities (pounds per cubic foot), and widths.

Air pillows

Air pillows are useful where an air-cushion solution is desired, and a product larger than bubble wrap is necessary. Air pillows are useful where there is a significant gap to fill in a box since they take up more space. 

specialty packaging inserts

Finally, specialty packaging inserts are sometimes necessary. Spectape can design and produce special dividers or foam padded inserts through its affiliate, Insul-Fab, which is a leading foam fabricator. 

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Protective Films for your Packaged Product

Protective film is used to protect surfaces that are susceptible to damage such as abrasions or scratches. However, it can also be used for:

  • Protection against humidity and dirt
  • Resistance against cold or hot temperatures
  • UV resistance
  • Chemical resistance

A high-quality surface protective film can easily be applied and removed without leaving any residue on surfaces such as glass, metal, painted surfaces, wood, granite, marble, and more.

Often, the protective film comes in a large roll that can be difficult to manage when applied to small parts or during packaging. Spectape can slit the rolls to smaller widths and make perforations for tearing off uniform sizes to make handling and application easier.

Protective Film

Most of our customers don’t appreciate the benefit of protective film until it is custom-configured to their product, offering protection and providing an enhancement to customer perception. Have you ever experienced the satisfaction of peeling a piece of film off the screen of a new phone or tablet? That is a sign of quality and care that customers today expect when receiving a new product.

Whether the film is a low-density polyethylene offering elasticity and flexibility, a less elastic polypropylene that holds more firm in higher temperatures, or even a paper for low-impact damage and mild abrasion, SPECTAPE® can offer a solution to fit your product!

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