Packing and Filling Materials

Packing and Filling Materials

Packing and filling materials are a must in order to prevent physical harm or damage to product during shipping.  During transport, packages are subject to dropping, rough handling, and movement from delivery vehicles or loading.  There are a wide variety of packing and filling material to place inside of a package to secure product.

One of the most efficient and effective packing materials is bubble wrap, as it is versatile enough to fill most spaces in a package and provides air-cushioned protection.  Spectape stocks a wide variety of bubble wrap, from 3/16” thick, to ½” thick and more.  Bubble wrap is also available in multiple widths, and can even come perforated, making it easy to dispense the right quantity.

Packaging foam is also an excellent choice for packing and filling boxes.  Packing foam is typically white, polyethylene foam that comes on a roll for easy cutting and dispensing.  Like bubble wrap, Spectape carries a variety of thicknesses and widths.

Kraft paper is an economical choice for filling and is easy to bundle and place into a package, particularly where just a top-end filling is required.

Air pillows are useful where an air-cushion solution is desired, and a product larger than bubble wrap is necessary.  Air pillows are useful where there is a significant gap to fill in a box, since they take up more space.

Finally, specialty packaging inserts are sometime necessary.  Spectape can design and produce special dividers or foam padded inserts through its affiliate, Insul-Fab, which is a leading foam fabricator.  

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