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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Tapes

Why the Right Tape is Important

One of the single most-commonly purchased items across all product-related businesses today is tape. However, tape is often given the least amount of consideration.

What Should I Consider?

Tape is the ultimate customizable solution. Whether your current tape product is performing well or whether you need to replace it, you should understand the following basic features:


  • Type of adhesive: Whether it is acrylic, hot melt, or rubber, the type of adhesive directly affects the quality and durability of bond to your surface
  • Coat weight (or amount) of adhesive: Usually 1 to 3.5 mil (mil - 1/1,000th of an inch) coat weight directly affects the strength and longevity of the bond

backing or carrier

  • Simply put, the backing or carrier delivers the adhesive to the bonding surface
  • This is the main differentiator for tapes today: Paper, poly, cloth, vinyl - all are backings or carriers with different properties such as strength, stretchability, tearability and durability, and color
  • In double-coated tapes, such as mounting tapes, the carrier is especially important as it delivers adhesive to two surfaces.


  • Roll width is the most common differentiator, but roll length is also an important consideration in high-volume applications


  • Colors, surface finish (eg. matte versus gloss), and, of course, color

If you are unaware of these characteristics and how they may even affect the current product you are using, talk to one of our experts at SPECTAPE®! As a leading adhesive tape supplier, we have pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes to fit your specific application. 

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If all of these considerations seem overwhelming, just send us a sample. Our team can tell you everything about your tape from just seeing and measuring it.

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How is Your Tape Order Like Getting a Cup of Coffee?

Almost all of us have had the experience of hearing a complicated order at our local coffee shop: "I'll have a Venti, iced skinny hazelnut macchiato, sugar–free syrup, extra shot, light ice, no whip, upside down." Although it might sound overly detailed, each part of this order has actual meaning to a barista.

Likewise, if you said, "I'll have a single-coated, 1-1/2 mil acrylic, silicone, release-lined, custom-printed, Kraft flatback, 2 x 110, for a low-temp application," a knowledgeable tape expert would understand how important each of those terms was to the performance of your final product. They could also offer you a variety of possible solutions, offer alternatives, and make you aware of the pros/cons of each solution.

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