Spectape ST1116 Pressure Sensitive Foam Mounting

Spectape ST1116 Pressure Sensitive Foam Mounting

Double coated cross-linked EVA/PE co polymer – rubber based adhesive


▪ Pressure-sensitive foam mounting tape

▪ Aggressive, solvent based rubber adhesive system on both sides of a cross-linked EVA/PE co-polymer

▪ 60lb Kraft paper liner

▪ Moisture resistant


▪ Foam Density: 3 LBS/Ft

▪ Service Temperature Range: -20 F – 165 F

▪ Peel Adhesion, 15 MIN @ 72F, 180F ON SS: 100+ OZ/IN(FT) PSTC-101

▪ Shear Adhesion, @ 72F, 1” x 1” x 1000G: 200+ HRS (NF) PSTC-107

▪ Available Colors: Black or White

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▪ Weather stripping

▪ Mounting

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