Spectape ST450-4 Polypropylene Film Tape

Spectape ST450-4 Polypropylene Film Tape


▪ General Purpose, Premium Grade

▪ Hot Melt Adhesive System

▪ Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) for superior strength

▪ UV Resistant, low odor, non-yellowing


▪ Standard Widths: 48mm and 72 mm

▪ Adhesive Thickness: 2.5 mils

▪ Service Temperature Range: -20 F to 180 F

▪ Tensile Strength: 33 lbs./inch width

▪ Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 54 ounces/inch width


▪ Packaging, carton sealing

▪ Bundling, strapping

▪ Adhering paper, film bags

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