Spectape ST580 Double-Coated Tissue

Spectape ST580 Double-Coated Tissue

Double coated tissue – rubber adhesive, general purpose mounting, holding, splicing


▪ Silicone-coated densified Kraft

▪ Pressure sensitive synthetic rubber base adhesion system

▪ Lightweight tissue


▪ Adhesion to Interliner: 4.0 oz/in width

▪ Total Liner Thickness: 7.5 mils

▪ Tensile Strength: 7 lbs./inch width

▪ Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 90 ounces/inch width


▪ Core starting

▪ Splicing of lightweight films, foils, and papers

▪ Laminations

▪ Mounting nameplates

▪ Permanent bonding applications where removal is not required

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