Product Data Sheet

Double Coated Polyethylene

CONSTRUCTION: Liner – 50-lb release-coated Kraft, Carrier – 2-mil white polyethylene, Adhesive – Synthetic rubber base – pressure sensitive
CHARACTERISTICS: High tack – quick stick,, Easy liner removal, Adherence to a variety of substrates, Excellent conform-ability to irregular surfaces; Excellent die-cutting properties
USES: Positioning of insulation in metal buildings, Bonding and holding, Splicing of irregular materials, Laminating for die-cut parts

PropertiesValueUnits / Notes
Tensile Strength:8.0lbs / in
Thickness Carrier:2.0mils
Thickness – Adhesive:1.5mils
Thickness Liner:3.0mils
Total Thickness:8.0mils
Adhesion to Steel:50oz / in width
Adhesion to Variety of Substrates:Excellent
Shelf Life:Good
Corrosion Resistance:Good

Note: RoHS and REACH compliant

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PDS.ST 501Tape.5-12

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