Pipe Thread Tape

Product Data Sheet

Teflon Pipe Thread Seal Tape Data Sheet

3.5mil White 100% unsintered virgin PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) pipe thread seal tape.
For all industrial applications, including water, oil, gas, most chemicals, hydraulic and high pressure lines.
Highly conformable, low friction, non-stick film used to lubricate a wide variety of joints, making them easy to assemble for leak proof seals.
Helps provides a superior fit in the most complicated shapes, corners or edges

Backing100% Virgin PTFE
Total Thickness3.5mil (0.09mm)
Density0.35 g/cm^3
Elongation (at Break)>50%
Pressure RatingPressure Rating
Tensile Strength>1,160 psi (8 N/mm^2)
Temperature Range-450 to 500 °F
Govt. Specs
SpecificationMIL Spec T-27730A & UL31 RO
Spool / Cover ColorBlue Spool, White Cover

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PDS.ST 6.Masking Tapes.5-12

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