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Vinyl Tape

Commercial Vinyl Tapes by SPECTAPE OF TEXAS

When it comes to vinyl tape, the versatility it brings to a wide array of industries makes it invaluable when the need arises. What sets vinyl tape apart from similar options is that, among other things, it can withstand changing weather conditions that might be present. It can also be removed without having to deal with any lingering residue from the adhesive. In addition, the different color options available make it possible for road crews to avoid the hassle of having to paint safety lanes. Companies can also use it to plot out potentially dangerous areas or safety hazards, with that relatively small investment paying dividends down the road. The infrastructure within facilities can often vulnerable to issues that can cause havoc for companies. Using this tape can allow for the proper sealing of ducts and joints, with pipes also neatly wrapped. Protection of electrical wires from dangers such as moisture or other concerns is absolutely vital, which is something that vinyl tapes can ensure. That allows for a steady current, with the tape itself flexible enough to be stretched to conform to the user’s needs. The durability of this particular tape also means that besides weather conditions, the everyday wear-and-tear that firms deal with can be managed. In tandem with that, the color choices at their disposal can often serve to help make it easier for employees to differentiate specific items within a company. That can be important for a firm that’s tasked with producing a variety of selections for its customers. From a commercial perspective, it’s clear that vinyl tape is a quality resource that companies trust to do the job. The combination of greater productivity from its use and enhanced safety serve as its best selling points. SPECTAPE OF TEXAS has the tape you need for these jobs and is ready to help. Offering delivery on either the same or next day helps to satisfy your needs, so make sure to contact us at either 214-956-0077 or toll-free at 800-442-1338. You can also fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.
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ST Part Num Description Adhesive oz./in. width Tensile lbs./in. width Thickness MILS Elongation %0
PC-595 General purpose poly coated cloth duct tape for general purpose use – silver  55  20 8  20
PC-628 Industrial grade coated cloth tape with a matte finish, gaffers 80  45 10.5  5
ST-260 Premium grade poly coated cloth duct tape for a variety of industrial applications  56  34  12.5  14
ST-261 Utility grade poly coated cloth duct tape for general purpose use  50 22  9 17
ST-264 Industrial grade poly coated cloth duct tape  46  27  10  18
CC-3040 Colored vinyl tape – solid – isle marking, color coding, striping, etc. 22  16  5.5 150
CC-3050 Colored vinyl tape – striped – used for isle marking, color coding, striping, etc.  22  16  5.5  150
EV-57 SPVC film – UL listed – electrical tape 16  14  7  200
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